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Welcome to El Jaripeo Tacos!

Bringing You Great Mexican Flavors!

Freshness: To provide you with quality and freshness, we do daily centralized pre-preparations for the day!

Convenient Locations: So you can make a quick stop to grab something for the go, or to enjoy out in the open.

Speed: We value your time, and service you as fast and as best as we can.

Our Best Sellers!


Our traditional Mexican Street Tacos is our most sold menu item, choose from our 10 different kinds of meats your favorite one! Come and enjoy the traditional Mexican Street Taco Experience!


Our burritos are made to satisfy your appetite, enjoy a burrito filled with rice, beans, your choice of meat, vegetables and salsas of your choice from our salsa and vegetables bar.


Another favorite is our tortas, made with a torta bread, with beans, lettuce, tomatos, avocado and your choice of meat! These tortas are great for a lunch break! 


Our quesadillas are made with a 12 inch flour tortilla, monterey jack cheese, and your choice of meat. Remember to ask for your favorite salsa and veggies from our salsa and vegetables bar.

Unique Mexican Tradition​​

These Mexican Dishes are not commonly found in Utah, but they are traditional to the Mexican palate. Spice up your meals with these traditional Mexican dishes.

Fresh & Fast

We care to provide you with fast service, maintaining freshness and quality for your enjoyment. We know your time can be very limited at your lunch break, and we know how much it sucks to wait when you are hungry and craving delicious mexican food, we understand you and try our best to get you what you need as fast and fresh as possible.

Catering For Events

We cater for many event sizes, from small ones such as birthdays, weddings, to large ones such as fairs, and large corporate events. Pick your favorite ones, let us know how many people you are expecting, over what time period and date, and let us propose something for you for what you are looking for.

Fresh Salsa And Veggies Bar

We have a variety of fresh Mexican salsas for you to choose from, and fresh vegetables which only enhance the already yummy flavors. When you order, make sure you include your favorite Mexican salsa, some veggies and lime! Enjoy!




  • 1259 S Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
  • At the parking lot of El Jaripeo Grill Restaurant
  • Hours: 10am - 9pm

wEST vaLLEY - Smiths

West VAlley - HArmons

Rose Park - Smiths

Taylorsville - SMITHS

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Due to Covid-19, we take extra precaution in food preparation and service for everyone's safety, we continuously sanitize inside our food trucks and outside where you get serviced. Please keep safe distances and use the hand sanitizers we provide. The vegetables and salsas we provide will not be out in the open, we'll serve them from the inside of the food truck for your safety.

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